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A Few Pointers for Blackjack

If your Blackjack strategy consists of just hoping to get a natural or standing on 16 and hope the dealer busts, you won't last long. To be a consistent winner at the game, you need to have a few other tricks up your sleeve.

1. Believe that you can win.

Having that winning attitude is not the same as being cocky; you need to believe in your ability, as doubts can cloud your judgment and result in serious errors.

2. Set stop/loss measures.

A good Blackjack strategy would be to have a stop/loss system for a particular table. This has to be reasonable of course; if you are on a win/lose streak, there's no need to change, but if you have been on the short end for four or five hands, it's time to move on. If your wagers are big, considering lowering the stop/loss limit even more.

3. Play the dealer, not the players.

As frustrating as it may be, there's really nothing you can do about the other players with you. Instead, focus on the dealer and her cards. This is where your Blackjack strategy should be concentrating on. As stated earlier, you can always move to another table if the rest of the field starts to get to you.

3. Use a sound Blackjack betting strategy.

Before you play the game, you need to figure out how much you are willing to raise your wager. For example, you bet out $4 and if you win twice, double it to $8, then you can repeat it again after you win. Others may adopt a more conservative approach and up their wager by half the original bet.

4. When losing in Blackjack, do not increase the bet.

Forget whatever you may have read about betting systems; it makes no sense to increase your bets when losing. You will run out of money before you get to that big win. Besides, even if you carry a million dollar bankroll, the casino will not permit you to lose too much, and will make you stop playing when your losses reach a certain amount.

Some of the Blackjack strategies may seem very simple or just stating the obvious, but they do work, and in most cases are all you'll need to be a winning player. The reason why a lot of players fail to win is that they tend to complicate things, so just keep it simple, and watch your bankroll grow.

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