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Books for Blackjack Pros & Amateurs

Blackjack is a game that is considered as a popular one all over the world. Many casino players love to play this game because it is not simply a game of chances, but rather, players also need to possess some skills in playing this game. That's the reason why several blackjack players have written books related to this casino game. Let's take a look at several blackjack books that are ideal for both professional and amateur blackjack players.

The blackjack book "The Theory of Blackjack," by Peter Griffin is aimed at mathematically-inclined players of this casino game. The card counting systems are tackled in this book and the basic strategies that are used to play blackjack are analyzed as well.

Blackjack may be difficult for some players but the book "Sklansky Talks Blackjack," by David Sklansky proves that reading an extensive book about such casino game is definitely adequate to help one learn how to play blackjack. Author Sklansky explains thoroughly the techniques that must be used to succeed in playing blackjack. Readers will be amazed at how efficient this book is in teaching expert blackjack.

Author and professional blackjack player Stanford Wong has also written a 352-page blackjack book titled "Professional Blackjack." This book focuses on card counting systems, including the high-low counting sytem as well as the Halves counting system that he personally applied in playing this casino game.

We also recommend the blackjack book "Las Vegas Blackjack Diary," by Stuart Perry. This book recounts the experience of author and professional blackjack player Perry when he once played in Las Vegas, Nevada. In this book, Perry talks about his interaction with the dealer and his other players, the financial and mental advantages and disadvantages he experienced, and the techniques he used.

Although cheating does not occur often in casinos and gambling facilities that are highly-regulated, author and former casino executive Bill Zender explains in his blackjack book that there are indeed some hidden tricks that transpire in casinos. His book "How to Detect Casino Cheating at Blackjack" mentions several hidden techniques, such as hole-card switching and the selective up-card.

Another book that can be recommended for blackjack professionals and amateurs is the "Gambling Wizards: Conversations With the World's Greatest Gamblers," by Richard W. Munchkin. Among the interesting topics touched in this book are a gambler's experience of winning twice at the World Series Poker, and a gambler's experience of being asked by a casino owner to return the money he won from playing blackjack.

These books will surely inspire blackjack players in learning more about their favorite casino game.

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