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The Legendary MIT Blackjack Team and Its History

In hidden Blackjack history, there was once a legendary group that shattered the international world of Blackjack into tiny bits and pieces. They were able to grab millions and millions of dollars through Blackjack with one simple technique; counting cards. Here is the real story behind the legendary Massachusetts Institute of Technology Blackjack team.

The whole idea of having an MIT Blackjack team started with one simple course that was offered in MIT. This course was named "How to Gamble if You Must" and was first offered in 1979. This course taught the students how to count cards and how to play Blackjack and it seems that some students have put this knowledge into practical use. The group of MIT students went off to Atlantic City but were not successful and most of the original members went their own ways and most of them graduated.

A year later, a former member of this original group formed another group and trained them so that once again they went off to Atlantic City, but this time they were very successful with their card counting technique at Blackjack tables. In the 1980s the original members starts recruiting more and more MIT students into their Blackjack team and they were increasingly successful at what they were doing.

In the late 80s the group lost its drive due to exhaustion and in the 90s started to recruit again to systematically build the team up. The blackjack team uses the card counting technique as a group to achieve maximum results, but eventually the casinos in Atlantic City and Las Vegas started to list down the Blackjack team members and they were banned from the casinos. Some MIT blackjack team members ventured out to Europe and the rest of the world, and some stayed to develop better techniques.

Eventually the story of the MIT Blackjack team became popular and a book was based on them which was written my Ben Mezrich and was called Bringing Down The House. Another tribute to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Blackjack team is the movie that came out last March 28, 2008. This movie is called 21 in the best Blackjack manner possible and tells the story of a MIT student who turns into counting cards in order to pay for his tuition. This movie is packed with a star studded cast and Blackjack is once again immortalized.

The MIT Blackjack team truly was able to make a business out of strategic card counting and gambling. Their members reached the number of 80 at their peak, and they will never be forgotten because the MIT Blackjack team was able to crack the Blackjack code.

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