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What Really is Card Counting in Blackjack?

Card counting in blackjack is a most dreaded term in casinos and non casino gambling venues. When a player is said to be a card counter, he's like Jesse James or Billy the Kid of the Wild West---one draw and the foe's finished. But card counters are far from being invincible in blackjack. They also have their share of losing.

The myth on blackjack card counters says they have the infallible ability to be able to count accurately and memorize the cards dealt out of the deck. They are supposed to know exactly what blackjack hand everybody at the table has. Well, card counters are not that accurate. They may hit accurate black jack card counting guesses a lot of times, but not always. And card counting in blackjack is not accurate counting. Even this has a lot to do with smart guess work.

Casinos seldom deal out blackjack cards to the last piece. If this were so, then card counting would probably be offered as a course in universities and pursued by blackjack gamblers as a credentialed profession. But the fact is, casinos make sure this never happens. Reshuffling is often the weapon against card counting possibilities.

Now, why count cards? Estimating that there are still plenty of royal or face cards and aces in the deck or shoe is deemed as an advantage to the blackjack player. So, one of the things that blackjack players are preoccupied with is, are there still enough in the deck? Or, how many have been dealt with so far? And one of the things dealers are busy thinking of is, is anyone getting a good count, so far? Or is it time to reshuffle? Hence, the more royal or face cards and aces still in, the more chances of winning at blackjack, and the safer it is to hit.

With enough aces or faces in, winning at blackjack with an ace and a face or ten is more probable. And that's a winning ratio of 3 to 2 on the original bet. The dealer? The dealer wins only with a blackjack hand. That's a big advantage for the blackjack player. Here's another advantage with a deck or shoe still full of aces and faces. If the dealer gets initial cards totaling somewhere from 12 to 16, he is likely to bust when he hits from the deck which is still abundant with aces and faces.

In such ways as aforesaid, card counting is advantageous to players, but not really infallible.

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